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Galaxy Z Flip teardown video shows the hinge fibers failing against dust

By Nadeem Sarwar February 19, 2020, 11:59 am

Samsung claims the Galaxy Z Flip’s hinge mechanism employs something called ‘fiber shield’ – essentially micro bristles – to keep dust particles away. However, a recent iFixit teardown video suggests the hinge fibers might not be particularly effective at blocking dust.

iFixit’s test involved shaking up the Galaxy Z Flip in a bag with purple powder, taking it out, and then giving it a few more shakes to remove the excess particles. However, the hinge produced an audible crack sound while unfolding the phone, suggesting something was wrong inside.

When the Galaxy Z Flip is opened and its internals laid bare, a lot of purple dust was seen deposited over the internal components in the hinge area. While the test is not an accurate depiction of real-world usage, it does make it clear that the hinge fibers are not much effective against dust particles.

Source: iFixit


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