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SM-G888 is not the Galaxy X, but a phone for a bullet train

By Jules Wang December 21, 2017, 8:19 pm

The Korea Rail Network Authority now has dedicated, durable phones for its conductors and support staff to use to communicate along a new bullet train line.

In preparation for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Samsung and carrier KT have debuted an LTE network for the rail line, designated as “LTE-R.” Passengers will travel at up to 250kph (155mph) on the line spanning 120km from Wonju to Gangneung while staff are able to communicate via push-to-talk to the ground or to other trains and also works in conjunction with the public safety LTE network in the country as well. Employees will be using a rugged device, the SM-G888NO.

If you find that model name rather familiar, it’s because tech media have speculated that name to be associated with the folding smartphone deemed the Galaxy X. While Samsung has suggested that a foldable device wouldn’t come until 2019, there was always the hope that something would come by 2018 to compete with other such products existing and rumored. Besides, the upper end of the 800-number range typically refers to Galaxy S Active devices anyways — in all likelihood, this could just be a modified Galaxy S8 Active.

While tech enthusiasts wait a while longer, Samsung notes that it has deployed LTE-R on five train network projects in total.

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