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We’ve made passing jokes about how Apple could take some aspects of its top-line iPhone and move them down to the cheapest one thus creating the iPhone X SE. Or some other version of the name.

But in the case of Samsung with its Galaxy S flagship series of smartphones, time is almost up for the current moniker system. It initially started out as just “Galaxy S,” but the first couple of sequels then moved in Roman numeration before the Galaxy S5 settled on using Arabic numerals.

Now, word from a source to Russian outlet Hi-Tech claims that Samsung will stop using the letter ‘S’ and, for at least 2019, go with ‘X’. ‘X’ as in “Galaxy X,” the tenth release in the series following this year’s Galaxy S9, not necessarily the foldable phone concept we’ve been wrapping our heads around using the name “Galaxy X” — though that device is targeted for a 2019 release.

While the Galaxy brand has strong recognition worldwide, it may take a little more marketing effort to secure positive reception behind the change, especially as this would tail after the iPhone X. If Apple decides on keeping the ‘X’ name in some capacity this year, there also may be the question of whether Samsung will swerve away from the letter and try something else.

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