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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is not compatible with iPhone and HUAWEI phones

By Sanuj Bhatia August 12, 2021, 4:45 am
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 84

Samsung finally unveiled its highly-anticipated Galaxy Watch 4 yesterday. The smartwatch from Samsung features a circular design, loads of new health features, and more. However, with the launch of the new Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung seems to have done an Apple and has dropped support for iPhone and HUAWEI phones.

Like Apple Watch models are not compatible with Android smartphones, Samsung also seems to be creating platform exclusivity with the launch of its new smartwatches. However, this isn’t all Samsung’s fault. This is partly due to the new operating system that the new Galaxy Watch 4 models run on. The Galaxy Watch 4 models, both Classic and Active, on a new version of Wear OS, called One UI Watch, which is co-developed by Samsung and Google.

“Device activation is only available after connecting to a smartphone that supports Google Mobile Services(GMS).”

And, as Samsung’s website reads, the smartwatches that run on new Wear OS need to be paired with a device that supports Google Mobile Services (GMS) and has Google Play Services installed. As we all know, GMS and Google Play Sevices are only available for Android devices that are certified by Google. So, due to the lack of GMS services, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 models cannot be paired with any of the Apple iPhone and HUAWEI phones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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However, the company has clarified that the older Galaxy Watch models, including the 2016’s Gear 2, would retain iOS compatibility. The older smartwatches from Samsung run on custom software, called Tizen OS. They can be paired and used with all the Apple iPhone models and HUAWEI phones, too.

For now, there’s no word on whether Samsung or Google will add iOS compatibility to the Galaxy Watch 4 in the future or not. In case you’re planning on buying the new Watch 4, make sure to check if your smartphone is compatible with it or not.

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