Could the Galaxy Tab S4 look like the Android tablet you need?

Every so often, Samsung reminds us that it doesn’t just make TVs and phones. Yep, it can also make Android tablets, too. In 2016, they took a huge turn towards prestige by including one of its signature Super AMOLED displays on the Galaxy Tab S3 and basing the industrial design on glass.

Well, we’ve been hearing about a new one, the Galaxy Tab S4, coming out this year and can now use our eyes to see newly leaked renders from tech reporter Evan Blass.

While the keyboard cover is optional and sold separately, the S Pen is not. The design of this stylus seems more rounded while the pen tip looks just a tad bit flatter and thinner than its predecessor. An interface button is carried over from the previous version while a metallic notch is hitched above it, perhaps to fit into a guiding rail within the silo of the tablet.

Finally, we see an expanse of white, a single, rear-facing camera along with an LED flash, Samsung branding in addition to AKG branding. AKG, which is owned by Samsung, tuned the quad speakers on the Tab S3 and, given the two side speakers we copped a peek at in the first picture, that audio system looks to live on in the Tab S4.

The aspect ratio may have shifted between iterations from 4:3 to something like 3:2, thought that’s just our eyeballs guessing.

You can learn more about the potential specifications here, but from all of what we heard, it looks like we’ll be seeing a flagship Android tablet soon, believe it or not.

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