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Could Samsung have more than Galaxy Tab S launches on Thursday?

By Stephen Schenck June 10, 2014, 11:15 am

This coming Thursday is June 12, which means that Samsung will be throwing its “Galaxy Premiere 2014” event, where we’re almost certain to see those new Galaxy Tab S models with their OLED displays; considering what we’ve heard about that hardware, and the “tab into color” language on the invite itself, it seemed pretty uncontroversial to connect those dots. But is that all there’s going to be to it? Yesterday we may have thought as much, but Samsung’s latest teaser has us wondering if we should be second guessing that assumption.

In a new post up today on the official Samsung blog, the company invites its fans to watch the live stream of the event on Thursday – there’s nothing surprising there, as Samsung indicated that live coverage would be available back when it distributed the initial invitation.

But what has our eyebrows all up in inquisitive arches is this bit where Samsung acknowledges the obvious hints in that invite pointing to a colorful new device and calls it all “a very safe and easy speculation… or was it?” There’s just the slightest hint that we aren’t getting the full story, and maybe Samsung has more to reveal than it’s letting on.

Maybe that’s as simple as the OLED angle itself, which isn’t directly referenced in the invite but is a safe assumption for anyone familiar with the latest rumors and leaks. But then again, there really could be something else on the menu for Thursday – maybe not an S5 Prime/F, but something beyond these Tab S models. Check back with us then for full details of whatever it is that Samsung ultimately reveals.

Source: Samsung
Via: SamMobile

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