Samsung CES tablet lineup leaks early, packing high-end hardware

We knew they were coming; a combination of leaks and publicly available evidence has been building up over the past several weeks, painting the picture of Samsung preparing quite a few new Android tablets for release. Those have included new small as well as new larger-than-ever models, along with the introduction of a new “Pro” designation to the company’s lineup. While Samsung hasn’t yet gone official with the group, they now appear to be as good as confirmed, as we see the arrival of leaked pics, complete spec run-downs, and even a spotting of a Samsung banner at the CES, confirming the new Pro branding.

While all this might have you thinking that there’s no new surprises, you’d be wrong. For one, it seems that we’re getting not one, but two 12.2-inch tablets from Samsung, with this leak revealing both a Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 as well as a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. We also see two new Tab Pros, a 10.1-inch and 8.4-inch option.

The larger three tablets should be available in both WiFi-only and LTE-enabled configurations; the WiFi versions will run Exynos 5 Octa chips, while the LTE editions receive Snapdragon 800s. The Tab Pro 8.4 will only be available with an 800, but we’re unsure what radios it might have.

Clearly, Samsung has learned a thing or two from all our complaints about under-powered tablet hardware, as these four (at least if these specs are on the money) leave little to complain about. All four models – even the smaller Pro 8.4 – will feature WQXGA displays; that means 2560 x 1600, just like on the Nexus 10.

The smaller two tablets should each offer 16GB and 32GB storage options, and feature 2GB of RAM. The 12.2-inchers, on the other hand, would be available in 32GB and 64GB configurations, with 3GB of RAM. All four should ship running KitKat, and will feature 8 megapixel main cameras with 2 megapixel front-facers.

Design-wise, it looks like Samsung is really taking that faux leather Note 3 look and running with it. We also see a small change to Samsung’s choice of Android hardware buttons, with the phasing-out of the menu button for a multitasking one, instead.


Source: @evleaks (Twitter), Android Central
Via: SamMobile

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