There’s a major shake-up happening for Android tablets right now, and after years of manufacturers preferring models that mirrored their smartphone offerings with widescreen 16:9 or 16:10 displays, there’s been a recent push towards the squarer 4:3 screens long associated with Apple’s iPad lineup. We’ve already seen 4:3 models like the Nexus 9 and Nokia N1, and earlier this year Samsung made its own foray into the field with the 4:3-ratio Galaxy Tab A. First announced for Russia, it’s finally time for these Tab A models to come to the US, as Samsung shares word of the start of pre-orders.

Both the 8.0-inch and 9.7-inch Galaxy Tab A go up for pre-order in the US today, either directly from Samsung or through retail partners. Prices are even lower than initially suggested by that Russian launch, with the pair set to sell in the US for just about $230 and $300, respectively. There will also be a bundle deal for the larger Tab A with a Samsung S Pen, adding $50 to the price (though not available until mid-May).

Following the start of these pre-orders, full retail availability begins on May 1. So far we haven’t heard anything about release plans for these Galaxy Tab A models with integrated LTE support – these prices all refer to WiFi-only variants. Those may still be coming one day, but they’re not part of today’s news.

Source: Samsung

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