Back in June, we learned that Barnes & Noble was planning something different for its line of Nook tablets, and rather than continuing to put out its own hardware, the retailer would be partnering with Samsung for the release of some co-branded tablets. We were told that a seven-inch Galaxy Tab 4 Nook would be the first fruit of this partnership, debuting in early August. Well, the month may be on its way out by now, but at an event this morning, Samsung and Barnes & Noble have gone ahead and introduced that promised Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.

Essentially, we’re looking at Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 hardware, running software that ties you in to Barnes & Noble’s media ecosystem. That may not make for the most exciting tablet, but it’s pretty much what we were told to expect, so no surprises there.

But what about pricing? This had been one of our larger concerns when first getting the news of this partnership, especially with the old Nook HD selling for just $130 while also featuring a higher-res (and correspondingly, more pixel-dense) display than the much newer Tab 4.

The good news: the Tab 4 Nook comes in shy of the Tab 4 7.0’s $200 MSRP – well, at least when we factor-in the “instant rebate” being applied here. That said, it’s still nearly $180, and we’re still looking at a resolution downgrade for the Nook line. Are we harping too much on pixel count alone? Perhaps, but keep in mind that this is intended as an e-reader, where crisp, high-res text is paramount.

Sales of the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook begin today at Barnes & Noble retail locations. Beyond the hardware itself, shoppers will get $200 worth of media goodies with their purchase, including trial subscriptions to a few magazines, TV shows, and a $5 credit to be spent on content of their choice.

Source: Barnes & Noble

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