It was only yesterday when we first heard of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4. Armed with a single model number, we uncovered a UAProf document for the tablet that revealed a 1280 x 800 resolution – and knowing nothing more at the time, it sure seemed like the Tab 4 would arrive as a much lower-end option than the TabPROs Samsung revealed back at the CES. If that was just the start of a little Tab 4 drip, today sees the fire hose open full-stream, delivering a ton of new info on the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1.

Here’s what the new leaks reveal: it’s looking like all three sizes will sport the same 1280 x 800 resolution, mirroring Samsung’s direction with the Tab 3 models. The two larger tablets would have 16GB of storage, while the 7.0 would just get 8GB – though all would support microSD expansion. All would run 1.2GHz quad-core SoCs, but RAM options would vary: the 7.0 should have 1GB and the 10.1 1.5GB, but the 8.0 could be available in both 1GB and 1.5GB configurations, with the latter also offering LTE connectivity. All three sizes should be available as separate WiFi-only, 3G, and LTE models.

Maybe the least consistent bit here concerns the tablets’ cameras: the Tab 4 7.0 would stick with the same 3MP main shooter as the Tab 3 7.0, the Tab 4 8.0 would move down from 5MP to just 3MP, and the Tab 4 10.1 would move up from 3MP to 8MP.

While there’s a little to like there, including the upgraded SoCs, we wonder if the low res and other uninspired specs might be an even bigger disappointment this year than they were last year with the Tab 3s. There’s a possibility Samsung might bring along some of this gear to the MWC, so we may have the chance to check them out for ourselves in just a matter of weeks.

Source: MySamsungPhones 1,2,3
Via: phoneArena

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