Samsung already has a pretty diverse tablet lineup, but last week we heard that it might be planning to differentiate its offerings even more, with the introduction of a new Lite version of its Galaxy Tab family. The rumor suggested that a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite could arrive in just about a month from now, but we struggled to put our finger on just how Samsung might make this tablet “Lite” – that is, the existing Galaxy Tab 3 models weren’t exactly high-end to begin with. Well, today we start getting our answers about how this hardware looks like it will launch, and frankly, we’re still not sure what’s “Lite” about the whole thing.

For starters, we now have some model numbers, with SM-T110 and SM-T111 both attached to these rumors. Armed with those, we can see stuff like the T111 showing up in an Indian import database, where it’s identified as a seven-inch tablet.

Looking into an official User Agent Profile, we also see signs of a 1024 x 600 resolution and a Cortex A9-based SoC running at 1.2GHz.

Thing is: all that sounds exactly like the existing Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. In fact, there’s nothing at all to what we’ve heard about this model so far to explain the Lite in its name. Not even the pricing makes much sense; while this Tab 3 Lite is rumored to sell for about $135, the Tab 3 7.0 sells for more like $170 – how is Samsung going to cut the price by 20% without changing the specs?

Source: Zauba, Samsung (XML)
Via: The Droid Guy, Sammy Today

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