Samsung can’t wait for April 1 with apparent Galaxy S8 teaser

As we remarked last week when taking a look at some goofy behavior from Google that sure felt like a premature April Fool’s prank, there are good April Fool’s Day jokes, and there are ones that just don’t cut it. Call it a consequence of increasingly mainstream expectations for companies to joke around a little on April 1, or their social media teams being desperate for a few extra shares, but these days it feels like every brand under the sun is trying its hand at it. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to just go through the motions of a prank without carefully considering just how far you can push people before their incredulity sets in – for a good prank to work, people have to actually believe it’s real, if only for a moment. That’s why we’re not quite feeling what sure looks to be an early April Fool’s Day effort from Samsung, as the company teases #TheNextGalaxy … again?

In an animated GIF accompanying its Twitter teaser, Samsung draws out a figure eight. Well gee, whatever could the manufacturer be hinting at there? We just saw a Galaxy S7 launch (with that same #TheNextGalaxy hashtag), so this must be … the Galaxy S sideways-infinity-sign? Are we close?

Perhaps we’re being too hard on Samsung here, and the company really does have in mind something a little more nuanced than “We’re launching the Galaxy S8. Psych!” If that’s indeed the case, we look forward to seeing exactly what it’s managed to come up with tomorrow – and the company does confirm that whatever form this news ultimately takes, the details are very much arriving tomorrow.

So what’s it gonna be, Samsung? Is there actually anything to this teaser? Will you subvert our expectations with some clever twist? We can’t wait to find out.

Source: Samsung (Twitter)
Via: PhoneArena

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