Galaxy S8/S8 Plus prices, color options and ETA may have just been revealed

A price point and a release date is essentially all we need from Samsung now to complete the Galaxy S8 puzzle, after so many pieces falling into place of late, including credible renders and other unofficial imagery, various Bixby details, near-complete spec sheets, and even the little branding things.

While there’s absolutely no way to confirm or corroborate the newest intel purportedly leaked out of Ukraine (of all places), it’s a bit of a stretch to assume anyone would fabricate an internal retailer diagram containing word of black, gold and “orchid gray” color options.

That last one is far too elaborated to suggest a hoax, and the G950FD/G955FD model numbers fit our expectations for regional Galaxy S8 and S8+ versions. The former is tipped to be slapped with a 25,999 Hryvnia RRP (recommended retail price), while the latter could cost UAH 28,999, roughly equating to $950 and $1,060 respectively.

Excessive tags? Maybe a little, although we’re talking a market here that generally likes to put a premium on the latest flagship smartphones. It’s still possible Americans will only be charged $750 and $850, but considering all the expected upgrades and design revisions, we wouldn’t count on that.

Perhaps the best news is this mysterious Eastern European retailer lists the Galaxy S8 duo as “running from w14”, which might mean a local commercial rollout in early April, i.e. week 14 of 2017. Fingers crossed.

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