In our industry, Europe always gets the short stick. It’s last to get anything good (if it does at all), it pays more on the Euro than Americans do on the dollar and whatever that thing is, you might find that it’s different from what everyone else in the world gets… in a bad way.

Whatever the case, when Evan Blass leaked out that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ could hit the high streets at €799 and €899, respectively, we didn’t know that things could get worse. They did. But it shouldn’t be a surprise for Italy, one of the typical territories that get an extra bit of cost bump in the region.

TuttoAndroid reports from anonymous source that the S8 and S8+ will both come in silver, black and violet colors, but at the costs of €829 and €929 each. The phones will go on sale from April 21.

If true, we’re talking about nearly $900 for a regular Samsung flagship and, according to Google as of this post, exactly $1,000.01 for a biggie. And we’re expecting a mighty good discount in the US. Cheers.

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