Chinese Twitter source affirms that Galaxy S8 price hike is on the way

The numbers don’t look good in Ukraine. And they certainly don’t look good in China, if you trust Steve Zhu.

He’s @mmddj_china on Twitter and he’s responsible for some pretty compelling spills on the Galaxy S8’s RAM tally in China and Korea and a first visual hit on the Galaxy C5 Pro (2017). It does take some saying to show that he has a track record, if only a short one.

And there’s definitely a gist coming onto how Samsung might price its flagship: quite highly.

Zhu claims that the Galaxy S8 base price of ¥6,088 will be about 25 percent higher than the Galaxy S7’s did. Based on Samsung’s prior practices, Pocketnow expects that Galaxy S8 Plus may start at ¥6,888.

Comparing on a constant currency basis as of this post, the S7 started at $712 while the S8 is expected to hit $866. Counting in market fluctuations, the effective hike is measured at 16 percent.

All of this to say that full retail price targets for the S8 in the US could be $100 more than what consumers paid for the S7 — the exact amount will depend on retailer/carrier.

We’re definitely planting chips on a price increase, but we’ll hold out on giving a firm guess as to the scale of it. We’ll track down more numbers as soon as we can get them.

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