A few threads have popped up on Samsung’s community forums complaining that they can’t talk to callers on their Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 unless they are on speakerphone.

As people sharing their happenstance on these threads started to talk about exchanges for their phones, some found that an old trick for console game cartridges does work for these phones.

ok this may sound crazy but I just fixed my Mic issue what I did was remove my case and blow into the USB port and Mic fixed bixby Google assistant and calls all work again! try this out and let me know if it fixed for you. something so simple had me going nutts! I hope I helped a few people here.

— userGiRCGOJFmu

These threads, picked up by Android Police and a Reddit-side tipster, have yet to be addressed by Samsung in an official capacity, but it feels like that these highly-machined slabs shouldn’t have to deal with a physical issue like this, especially when we’re talking about IP68-rated protection.

That said, some software tricks like disabling the Google app’s microphone privileges have also worked, so we might be just as lost as the company is right now looking at this.

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