The Galaxy S8 is not copying the iPhone 7. And yet, if you frame the rumors the right way, it can definitely seem like that’s the case.

Just as we’re hearing about Samsung’s spring chicken for 2017 sprouting dual speakers for the first time in the Galaxy S-series history, SamMobile is reporting that the Galaxy S8 will do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack. A USB Type-C port will be the default replacement connection for audio peripherals.

The combination move follows Apple’s own as the iPhone 7 exhibits all three characteristics with the exception of the USB-C port, co-opted for Lightning.

Another development from SamMobile is that the S8 may potentially take the lead against its future rival, the iPhone 8, in that it will supposedly not hold a home button. Instead, Samsung will boost the screen-to-body ratio and embed a fingerprint sensor underneath the display.

Speaking of said display, it is now said that the chaebol will not make the jump to 4K resolution, but will increase the number of subpixels in its quad HD Super AMOLED product. The dot formation changes from Diamond PenTile to the standard RGB pattern, allowing for 50 percent more subpixels onto the plane — what results is not an increase in detail, but better color depth overall. A new diode material will cut down on the display’s power consumption and keep it running for longer.

If true, all of these developments seem to coalesce around the fact that Samsung is going all-in to make Daydream VR a reality on its next Galaxy S phone. Virtual reality, that is.

Sorry, we couldn’t help it.

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