Galaxy S8 gets Daydream ‘soon’, standalone Google VR headsets coming from HTC and Lenovo

You didn’t really think Google would wrap up its 2017 I/O developer conference without at least a quick mention of new virtual reality “technologies”, now, did you? Well, we got way more than that, ahctually, starting with confirmation of official Daydream support heading for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ sometime this summer through a software update. You know, in case the new controller of the effectively old Gear VR failed to leave a lasting impression on you.

Speaking of, what can we say about standalone Google-powered VR headsets other than “finally”? A number of “partners” are working on devices “designed just for VR”, including HTC, the co-manufacturers of the seriously impressive and decently successful Vive, and… Lenovo?!?

That’s a bit of a surprise, although the Chinese OEM’s Moto Z is still one of very few non-Google smartphones capable of connecting to the Daydream platform. Once again, this is something entirely different, with no phone or PC required to get these mystery headsets to work “later in the year.”

But the search giant is also focused on AR, reminding us the Tango-based Asus Zenfone AR handheld is still a thing, and coming, how else, later this year. The same goes for Tango’s Maps functionality, marketed as VPS (Visual Positioning Service), which is going to let you easily find your way around, say, a store. Yes, indoors. Pretty cool, but not exactly “paradigm-shifting” cool, don’t you think?

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