Should we be worried about Galaxy S8 burn-in as well?

The Galaxy S8 is facing its fair share of minor problems out of the gate. The Bixby voice assistant service has yet to be activated worldwide while at least one carrier has crippled one of its abilities. Meantime, users have been complaining about poorly-calibrated colors on the display, random reboot events and now, this.

The Korea Herald reports that one user posting to an unnamed forum has claimed that the bottom part of the Super AMOLED Infinity Display of his unit has started burning in after a week of using the phone. Another user from the Netherlands voiced their complaint on Twitter. This discoloration is happening despite measures put in place by the company to prevent burn-in from happening around the software home key.

The regional Samsung office has dismissed the Dutch case while a spokesperson in Seoul said the following:

An algorithm to prevent burn-ins is already equipped. Whether the consumer’s claim turns out to be true or not remains to be seen. At the moment, we are not receiving reports of other cases.

The red tint issue is supposedly getting fixed while Bixby begins its spread from Korea, so we should hope that the reboot problem along with this one get addressed in short order.

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