Two weeks ago, a massive code oversight was caught in the second beta round of the Galaxy S8 Android Oreo update in the United States. It nixed cellular reception for many users on Sprint and T-Mobile and crashed apps repeatedly. Samsung sought to pause the Galaxy Beta Program at that point to fix this issue.

It seems that it has successfully done so as Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users are now getting over-the-air updates for what the company calls Samsung Experience 9.0. A whole slew of bugfixes are included in the move from version ZQK6 to ZQKK, incuding:

  • Unable to answer or decline incoming call
  • Camera opens to a blank screen
  • Music icon not removed on [Always-On Display]
  • Touch error when starting game due to changing resolution.
  • Sluggish Samsung Keyboard
  • Couldn’t open camera on lockscreen
  • Disabled Call waiting tone in volume.
  • Touch unresponsive on lockscreen or homescreen.
  • Wi-Fi signal is weak.
  • The DdungPang game is not running.
  • Accessibility -> Hearing -> Sound Detectors force close.
  • Lag when unlocking device with fingerprint.
  • Volume is muted after carkit powercycle
  • Samsung keyboard force closes when selecting emoji
  • Slow/delayed blur effect for home
  • “Android is Starting…” error when existing from secure folder
  • Lag after unlocking the phone with iris, fingerprint
  • Touchwiz force closes when a theme has been applied
  • Unable to view mp3 files saved to SD card or play music from SD card
  • Delay in showing apps while sharing a file.
  • Phone info exception error after booting up
  • Unable to pair with Samsung Gear
  • Samsung keyboard capitalizes every word when using normal keyboard/swipe.
  • Unable to use iris
  • IMS Service force closes in call settings.

Yep, that’s plenty of fixing that needed to be done according to a screenshot from SamMobile. But at least progress continues on for those wanting Android 8.0 to come soon.

By the way, one major improvement in this update is that Android Oreo’s annoying notifications pointing out “apps running in the background” should be gone from users’ views.

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