Galaxy S7 knows when your phone’s a little damp, says, “uh-uh, no charging for you”

Samsung made a really well-received move when it brought water resistance back to this year’s flagship pair, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Sure, your average user may not go out and take advantage of that protection every day, but it’s sure nicer to have than not, especially when dealing with unanticipated dunks. Generally speaking, the Galaxy S7 handles its water resistance with aplomb, keeping the phone safe without needing any bulky, awkward port covers safeguarding things like the phone’s micro USB interface. Everybody knows that water and electricity don’t mix, though, and it turns out that the GS7 is being pretty smart about how it lets you use that port once water gets introduced to the equation.

One of those lucky users who already got their hands on a Galaxy S7 was just posting about the phone over at the XDA forums, and reveals some special software protection the phone has in place to protect against the risk of damage from a water-logged USB port.

Following some underwater action, the user let the GS7 sit dry for four hours before going to plug it in for a recharge. Upon detecting the charger, the phone popped up a warning message indicating that the micro USB port was still damp, and that the phone wouldn’t charge until it dried out.

On one hand, that seems frustrating for users who just want to get their battery topped off in a hurry, and don’t think a little water could hurt anything. Samsung clearly thinks differently, and doesn’t want to deal with the headache of warranty claims from unnecessary short circuits – especially with quick charging support, there’s the potential for a lot of juice to be flowing through that port.

What’s a GS7 owner do? Well, besides waiting things out a little longer, or maybe a gentle puff of air in the micro USB port to speed things along, don’t forget that the phone also supports wireless charging – which is sounding like a much more moisture-friendly option.

Source: xxaarraa (XDA-Developers forums)
Via: SamMobile

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