Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s: Samsung’s “s” year proves superior (Video)

Our Jaime Rivera is a very perceptive one, indeed.

Samsung was able to get away with keeping a lot of what made the Galaxy S6 within the Galaxy S7 this year: rounded corners, better silicon, sensors and specs and a whole bunch of run-up to it all. That, in itself, is what gives the chaebol the upper hand over Apple from the outset in our comparison of the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6s.

Both phones are water-resistant, the S7’s more officially so. The larger, more resolute, versatile and colorful screen is on the S7. It’s not out of mind as Apple’s 3D Touch feature is. Built-in storage comes to a weird dichotomy: Apple remains with the power of fours (16, 64 and 128GB options) while in the US, Samsung is going 32GB all the way. Thing is, that microSD card slot that the iPhone has never had and that the Galaxy S6 didn’t have last year might be the edge up for the S7.

Both cameras sound good on paper, but we’ve only had a test run with one of the devices we’re talking about (hint: it’s not the one just introduced at MWC). The physical imprints the units leave on the device, though, have come down to comparable sizes. Details on silicon don’t matter until we can get a longer grasp on what the Galaxy S7 can really do and that will have to wait until a full review and comparisons treatment.

Before that happens, check out our in-depth showfloor comparison of the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6s.

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