Samsung Galaxy S7 launch date may have already leaked

When does Samsung plan to reveal the Galaxy S7? Several weeks back, rumors were talking about the possibility of a crazy early launch announcement, possibly coming as soon as January, but more recent reports have settled back down to the much more believable idea of a February debut. And while multiple sources have been talking about a February launch, what exactly would that mean? Would Samsung still be looking to get ahead of the pack with an announcement sometime in the early days of the month, or would it fall far closer to the end, not too far off from last year’s March 1 launch? And how would Samsung’s plans coincide (or not) with Mobile World Congress 2016, scheduled to run from February 22 through 25? One source claims to have the answer, pointing to a February 21 date.

Let’s back up a minute here. This info comes to us from the same Twitter source that started rumors overnight that HTC’s spring flagship isn’t being developed under the presumptive M10 codename. The account seems to be on a spree of referencing older tweets, and that M10 info was presented as an expansion on a tweet originally posted back in August.

We’re looking at a similar situation here, with a new tweet pointing back to a months-old message containing this “02/21/2016” date – though not at the time directly referencing Samsung.

Today’s follow-up also arrives with what’s presented as a logo for this upcoming Unpacked event, but as you can see below, it’s pretty clearly been altered, and the dark black of the “6” in 2016 doesn’t match the lighter gray used for the rest of the digits.

That said, that doesn’t necessarily mean this news is fake – the source could have obtained that date elsewhere, and lacking any sharable visual evidence, whipped up that Unpacked logo, quick and dirty as a stand-in. Right now we’re not going to put a ton of faith in this date being accurate, but we’ll certainly keep it in mind as we look for further corroboration elsewhere.


Source: Ricciolo1 (Twitter) 1,2

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