Galaxy S7 tested: snaps great photos to show on a great display

It’s nice to know that the input of a device can keep up with the output of that same device and vice versa.

So when you go to shoot colorful landscapes and artful boudoir with your new Samsung Galaxy S7 camera, you can expect to enjoy it all the more on your Samsung Galaxy S7 screen. The 12-megapixel f/1.7 aperture Dual Pixel autofocus-equipped BRITECELL camera has been paired with a 5.1-inch quad HD Super AMOLED 900 nit-bright screen. And if that word vomit didn’t convince you that this phone isn’t doing its best to impress you and the critics, well, throw that doubt overboard.

Phandroid did some sight-on-scene low-light camera tests between the iPhone 6s, the Galaxy S6 and the new device. On Auto mode, the results clearly favor the S7. Color and clarity combined with brightness just blows the present competition out of the water. The picture comparison below is at 100 percent crop.


So, while 12 megapixels is definitely less than 16, every pixel does matter. It’s the case with screens, too.

We turn to DisplayMate and its analysis of the S7’s panel — with credits overall going to improved brightness range, a wide color gamut and great color accuracy. The screen’s now also more adept to sunlight conditions in Auto-brightness mode. The report concludes with a subsection called “The Best Smartphone Display.”

While the Galaxy S7 screen size and resolution remain the same as the Galaxy S6, its has been significantly improved for most display performance metrics. The most noticeable one is a Maximum Brightness that is 24% higher than the Galaxy S6, which is quite a significant improvement in high ambient light. The Contrast and Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light have also significantly improved.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Both the S7’s and the near-identical S7 edge’s screens get record-matching or record-breaking marks for accuracy, peak brightness, contrast in ambient light, contrast ratio and brightness variation definition with viewing angle. And considering that the Galaxy S6 got top praise from DisplayMate last year, that’s a great leap.

So, if you shoot what you see and see what you shoot and want the best from both worlds, the judges do recommend the Galaxy S7. Now we just have to wait for the other phones…

Source: Phandroid, DisplayMate
Via: BGR (1, 2)

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