Sprint Galaxy S7 price reaches all-time low on Samsung.com, Best Buy deals galore

It’s definitely not unusual for mobile device manufacturers, carriers and third-party retailers to pile on the previous-gen flagship deals ahead of new high-end model launches, but we’ll admit to not seeing the latest Galaxy S7 discount coming.

After all, recent S7 and S7 Edge promotions left us feeling a little underwhelmed, with the notable exception of that one-price-fits-all offer from T-Mobile last week. You can go even lower than $360 now if subscribing to Sprint isn’t a problem, as the Now Network-locked flat-screened 32GB hero of 2016 costs $299.99 on Samsung.com.

Better yet, the ridiculously low price point, which is technically down $250 from the initial MSRP, also includes a 64GB memory card. Meanwhile, Sprint’s Galaxy S7 Edge will set you back $445 outright after its own $250 discount, with a microSD card featuring twice the aforementioned hoarding room thrown in at no extra fee.

Pretty sweet bargains, despite the two’s advanced age, what with their still-gorgeous designs, excellent ergonomics, powerful internals and beautiful displays. Even if you can’t afford to cough up those full prices upfront, Best Buy lets you save a buck (or a few hundreds) by bundling the S7, S7 Edge and S7 Active with free $100 e-gift cards, fast charge wireless chargers and EVO+ 256GB microSDXC Class 10 memory cards on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T monthly installment plans. At the end of the day, you’ll pay more, but also get more.

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