Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are as water-resistant as you think, but far from shatterproof (video)

One of the main reasons why some of you prospective Samsung Galaxy S7 adopters may have put off a final buying decision likely had nothing to do with the LG G5. Or “Chipgate” or “Cameragate” scandals waiting to erupt after we found out the new flagship phones were hardly created equal. And let’s face it, those eBay discounts on international unlocked models aren’t substantial.

Instead, you probably sat tight to check out slightly more scientifically accurate torture tests than the one the S7 Edge endured a couple of weeks back. Enter extended warranty provider SquareTrade and its unique “Deep Water DunkBot”, DropBot, BendBot, and the spanking new TumbleBot.

While these machines can’t possibly hope to replicate real-life abuse conditions, they at least eliminate the subjective aspect of other similar experiments, concluding the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge can be quite tough in certain scenarios, and not so much if you’re extremely unlucky.

For instance, there’s almost no hope for the recovery of a flat model dropped face down on the sidewalk. But both the GS7 and its dual-curved sibling gracefully handle a number of repeated tumbles.

It goes without saying the two are also far stronger swimmers than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, though they’re not entirely waterproof. Ergo, you shouldn’t sweat a quick dunk in the toilet bowl, but when submerged in liquid for up to 30 minutes, a Galaxy S7 can lose sound or end up producing muffled audio.

Meanwhile, the S7 Edge scores particularly low marks for bendability, even if it requires a decent amount of pressure to crack, and it doesn’t fare very well in SquareTrade’s corner drop test either. Bottom line, get a case and don’t sit on it.

Source: Cnet

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