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Samsung Galaxy S7 leaked renders finally give us a look at phone’s back

By Stephen Schenck February 1, 2016, 12:41 pm

Last week, our picture of what to expect from Samsung’s next flagship finally started becoming much more clear, as some of the first really convincing Galaxy S7 renders leaked: we had a smaller flat-screen Galaxy S7, joined by a slightly larger Galaxy S7 edge. And while neither looked like a huge departure from the Galaxy S6, we heard that we might be able to expect at least minor external tweaks, and specifically in regards to the main camera on these phones. Problem was, the renders we had at the time only gave us front and slight side views. We still don’t have shots of the phones from all angles, but we’re getting there, as a new render arrives showing us the back of both handsets.

Unfortunately, this head-on (or should we say rear-on) shot still doesn’t help clear up what to expect in terms of a camera bump; rumors have suggested that the GS7 cameras would be much more flush with the phone’s body compared to those on the GS6, and we just don’t get a great sense of depth (or the lack thereof) here.

It looks like Samsung may have tweaked the flash/pulse sensor for this year’s models, and the layout depicted here seems to feature a two-component build versus the three-component construction in Samsung’s previous generation.

Just as with previous models, branding looks like it will continue to be a big part of Samsung’s flagship designs, with both these handsets wearing their Galaxy S7 names prominently.

One oddity here is what appears to be a large hinge extending down the side of both these renders, suggesting to our eyes that they may be related to some kind of case; we’ll need to see more before we know exactly what we’re looking at.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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