When you’re creating the latest entry in a long, prestigious line of smartphones, it’s easy to feel trapped by consumer expectations; with shoppers returning year in and year out, it’s likely they’ve got a powerful sense of what they’d like this latest model to be, and the desire to not let them down can ultimately be a bit crippling. Perhaps that’s why Samsung decided to do things so differently with last year’s Galaxy S6, dropping features like waterproofing, a removable battery, and microSD expansion – and freeing itself from some limitations in the process. Say what you will about wise those individual moves were, but that Samsung felt empowered to make them at all is still pretty interesting. For the new Galaxy S7, however, it’s possible Samsung is having a change of heart, and we’ve heard that the company could reverse course on several of those changes. Today we learn a little more about just how some of these features could make their overdue return.

We’ve already had sources tell us that the GS7 will probably see microSD expansion return, but what about the “how” of it all? The latest report suggest we’ll see Samsung give the GS7 a hybrid dual-SIM tray, capable of accepting either a pair of SIM cards, or a single SIM joined by a microSD card. It’s a layout Samsung’s used on other handsets before, even if not on the flagship Galaxy S-line itself.

From general rumors that storage expansion could be returning, to a specific account of how it might happen, we’ve come a long a way in our expectations for the Galaxy S7, but does that mean we’re definitely on the right track now? That’s a chance, sure, but right now we’re seriously hurting for evidence. Even the recent arrival of a leaked GS7 image doesn’t do much to help, not giving us a peek at any side ports, let alone a SIM tray.

For now, we’ll file this under “things we’d love to believe,” while continuing to look for evidence that might help back up (or repudiate) this account.

Source: Naver (Google Translate)
Via: Phandroid

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