Over the past several weeks and months, we’ve heard no shortage about what to expect from Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7: how many different models to look forward to, what sizes we’re likely to get – all that jazz. And while we’ve seen plenty of schematics, and even some case pics, we’ve been coming up short in the leak department when it comes to the good stuff: imagery of actual phone hardware. Apparently all of our patience is finally starting to pay off, and today we get to check out what might just be the first real pic we’ve seen of the Galaxy S7 in the flesh.

Admittedly, there’s not a ton to see here. Whether this is a case intended to obscure the hardware a little bit (like in those new LG G5 shots) or just one of Samsung’s testing rigs, we’re quite limited in what we can see here. What we do get is a pretty clear shot of the handset’s face, showing a not-insignificant side bezel and the inevitable return of the phone’s physical home button/fingerprint scanner. Squint a little and you can also just make out the flanking capacitive buttons.

If you’re still not quite convinced we’re in GS7 territory here, check out the other image that arrives courtesy of this source, which below shows a number of camera modules getting ready for installation. The key bit here is that model number SM-G930F on the PCB, which is one we’ve heard associated with the Galaxy S7 before.

We know, there’s a lot more we’d like to see of this hardware, and keep our fingers crossed for a leak that gives us a much more thorough look at the handset’s design – including back and sides, if we’re lucky. This is still a nice start, and helps whet our appetite for further leaks of actual GS7 hardware.


Source: GSM Arena

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