It’s been a busy CES 2016 so far with lots of cool things coming out of Las Vegas, but we’re taking a break to look at another hot topic. The Samsung Galaxy S7 might be missing from the show floor (and it’s not quite sure whether it will make an MWC appearance, or, on the contrary, it will be the star of a separate, dedicated event), but it’s not absent from the headlines. We recently heard of a possible 5.7-inch version with a 12MP camera, and we also caught wind of future possible features, like waterproofing and the return of the microSD card.


The images contained in this article are CAD renders based on “detailed blueprints that case and accessory manufacturers are given ahead of a phone’s launch”. If that is really the case, these could be rather accurate, but, at the moment, there’s no way in verifying this information, so we’ll take them as they are, with the usual dose of skepticism.


What we’re seeing is a phone that looks an awful lot like the Galaxy Note5, complete with the curved glass on the back. Aside from lacking the S-Pen, this Galaxy S7 is also more compact, to fit in with the S-series, measuring about 142.5mm x 69.5mm x 7.9mm thick, which makes it a millimetre thicker than its predecessor, the Galaxy S6. We could speculate that this is in order to accommodate the larger battery, but it could very well be because of the microSD card, or a new camera module.


Screen size is tipped at 5.1-inches, which is the same dimension Samsung’s currently using on the S6, however, this time around, Samsung employing a 2.5D glass for the screen of the Galaxy S7.

Micro USB still appears, at the moment, to be the connectivity of choice for the Galaxy S7 (instead of USB Type-C), and other cosmetic changes include a home button that’s somewhat more compact, and a camera on the back that’s less protruding (which ties in nicely with previous rumors of a new, 12MP camera system).


There’s no word on the waterproofing bit we’ve heard with the occasion of a different leak, but, it is still too early to start corroborating information and putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

If 2015 is of any indication, the Samsung Galaxy S7 should become official this quarter (March 1, 2015 was the day for the S6), but it is yet unknown whether it will be at MWC, or at a special Unpacked event far from the show floor. It is also unknown whether Samsung will announce the Galaxy S7 somewhat earlier, like they did with the Note5, but we’ll definitely tell you more as we find out.

Source: uswitch

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