When it comes to smartphone VR solutions, you can go the el-cheapo Google Cardboard route, or you can invest in some serious hardware that has the potential to make your virtual experience that much better – and while LG may have brought some new competition in the form of its 360 VR, the gold standard has been Samsung and its Gear VR. There’s little arguing that the Gear VR can deliver an impressive virtual reality show, but the tricky bit has been exposing users to all that – after all, Samsung’s been asking Galaxy owners to shell out an extra $100 on top of their already expensive smartphone purchase. But now with the arrival of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, the manufacturer is seeking to bring its Gear VR to a wider audience than ever before, and to help it do that it’s going to be giving the headset away – free.

Pre-order a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge once those open on February 23, or buy the phone during its first week of retail availability – up through March 18 – and Samsung will hook you up with a free Gear VR.

Even though this deal doesn’t have anything directly to do with Samsung’s new Gear 360 camera – the one perfectly suited for creating footage just asking to be viewed with a Gear VR – we wouldn’t be surprised for Samsung to be hoping that it helps drive sales of the accessory.

To be fair, you’re still buying a very expensive phone at full price, before any couple-months-in price cuts can land – so don’t think you’re getting one over on Samsung by taking advantage of this deal. With GS7 pricing ranging from the mid-$600s to nearly $800 for the GS7 edge, getting on board with this offer sounds like a good way to make extra-sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Sorry, international Samsung users – this one looks to be US-only.

Source: Samsung

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