The growing decline of smartphones with user-accessible batteries has forced manufacturers to find new places to stow both SIM and microSD cards, and instead of placing their slots under a removable backplate, more and more phones have been letting us get at both through a hybrid side-mounted SIM tray. While that presents an acceptable compromise, the solution’s not without its downsides, especially when you want to use microSD expansion: with the most popular design for these trays, users are forced to choose between a second SIM card or a microSD card – and not both at once. That’s very much the situation with Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S7, or at least it is on paper, anyway. Now an enterprising new hack answers the question, “why not both?” giving users both dual-SIM and microSD.

The thing about the hybrid SIM tray on the Galaxy S7, and the way the phone’s wired internally, is that the GS7 is perfectly capable of accessing two SIM cards and a microSD card all at once – there’s just physically no room to cram all three in there.

At least, there’s not enough room until you start tearing apart one of the SIM cards.

By carefully dissecting a SIM card, using a combination of heat, cutting tools, and nerves of steel, you can separate its contacts and silicon ship from the bulk of its plastic packaging. Though it’s a tight fit, it’s possible to attach that SIM circuitry to the bottom side of a microSD card such that both the microSD and streamlined SIM can simultaneously occupy the tray’s second slot.

There’s easily the potential to ruin the second SIM here, or worse yet, jam up your Galaxy S7. But even if this mod isn’t for everyone, we’re just excited to see that it’s possible at all. Anyone tempted to give it a shot for themselves?


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