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With the new year so close we can taste it, excitement about early-2016 smartphones is already hitting peak levels, and few phones are as eagerly anticipated as what Samsung’s cooking up for the Galaxy S7. Recent rumors have kept us guessing as to exactly what the hardware spread will look like, suggesting the manufacturer could pare back the sheer number of GS7 family members we’ll get, and we look forward to seeing just how accurate those reports might be. For now, though, we’re checking back in with a couple other GS7 leaks and rumors, as new information arrives about Samsung’s possible launch plans, and we get to check out a couple new pics of what could be some early stabs at GS7 cases.

After rumors of a very-early-year launch sort of fizzled out, we’ve returned to looking at an MWC-proximal Samsung Unpacked event at which the Galaxy S6 will emerge. One very early account attempted to name February 21 as the date for this next Unpacked gathering, but now a new source suggests it could fall one day earlier, on February 20. Interestingly, both those dates fall over a weekend, and depending on how coverage plays out, that move could either hurt or help Samsung’s early publicity for the flagship.

Last week we took a look at some early case designs purported to be for the Galaxy S7, and while they didn’t tell us a hell of a lot about the phone, their case penetrations sure suggested that at least as far as button layout and camera placement were concerned, we probably wouldn’t see any big changes.

Today we pick up a couple additional pics of similar cases and they reinforce that same point: the GS7 may pack some next-gen hardware within, but don’t expect a handset that diverges too far from the GS6 in the design department.

Source: Luchkov Ivan (Twitter), Mobilissimo.ro (Google Translate)
Via: SamMobile

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