Galaxy S7 Active First Impressions: The Bigger, Badder Galaxy

There was a time where it seemed Samsung was releasing a different experimental Android device every week. One of the more successful phone lines has come form Samsung’s partnership with AT&T to produce rugged phones. First the Rugby, then the Active, we’re now entering the fourth generation of “tough” Samsung’s with the Galaxy S7 Active.

We have fewer compromise here than ever before. Not only does the S7 Active continue to offer both Mil-STD-810G drop resistance with IP68 water resistance, Samsung has included standard Galaxy features like the fingerprint sensor, the 12MP rear camera, and Micro SD card storage expansion. Even the trade off of having a physically chunkier phone needs to be balanced against the inclusion of a 30% larger battery over the regular Galaxy S7.

It’s a rough and tough phone, but where might it fit in the market today as more companies flirt with “lifestyle” durability improvements. LG played with a more rugged frame on the V10. Sony is well know for including water resistance, but even HTC is touting “splash resistance” on the HTC 10. Do we still need the Active when the regular S7 is water resistant again?

We’ll be covering this phone in depth in future videos, but first we just have to get it out of the box and set it up. Here’s our Galaxy S7 Active first impressions!

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