Was Samsung’s flagship smartphone lineup ever that predictable, or do we just remember it that way? Sure, we’ve had the reliable pairing of a Galaxy Note in the summer and Galaxy S in the winter for the past several years, but after that all bets are off. Will one or both of those models get Edge variants? What about Mini models? And can we expect any Active editions this time around? Just a few days back, we tackled that latter question in terms of the Galaxy S7, asking if Samsung really needs to build a special, ruggedized Galaxy S7 Active this year, or if the return of waterproofing to the flagship model itself renders a separate Active phone unnecessary. Just as saying Betelgeuse’s name three times will cause him to appear, we may have inadvertently summoned a new Samsung Galaxy phone into existence with that post, as some new evidence suggests Samsung’s testing just such a model.

India’s Zauba import database shows Samsung testing a smartphone with the model number SM-G891A and a 5.1-inch screen.

The old Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T (the A suffix represents the carrier) was model G870A, and last year’s Galaxy S6 Active was G890A.

Seeing how those model numbers have evolved raises some interesting questions about this new G891A: we’d assume that a full-on new Galaxy S7 Active would bump that numbering up quite a bit higher, and knowing nothing else about this phone, we might be more inclined to believe that G891A is some new variant on the GS6 Active.

At least, we’d think that if this information was popping up sometime last year, but why would Samsung be working a new GS6A now?

It’s a noodle-scratcher, all right, and for the moment we don’t have much evidence to have us feeling too confident in just how this phone might arrive. The best course of action for the time being may be to simply keep an eye on model number SM-G891A and see if it doesn’t pop up anywhere else.

Source: Zauba
Via: Evan Blass (twitter)

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