Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors out of Brazil attempt to confirm Edge branding, reveal pricing

With Samsung’s MWC invite out there, and that March 1 Unpacked event on our calendar, it’s really starting to feel like the Galaxy S6 is nearly here. In under a month we hope to learn the full details on Samsung’s launch plans for the flagship, which based on that invite, sure looks like it’s also going to feature a new curved-screen Edge model. Now a new rumor out of Brazil attempts to clue us in a little to just how that Edge option might arrive.

Supposedly, Samsung will announce not just the Galaxy S6, but also a phone that’s described here as the “Double Edge.” That’s the first time we’ve heard that particular branding mentioned, the most recent rumors closing-in on the name Galaxy S Edge, and while we’re not sure if this name is any more likely to be correct than another, it certainly does manage to evoke the one big rumor we’ve heard about the handset’s hardware: that its display would curve around both of the screen’s long edges, as opposed to the Note Edge’s single curve.

As for pricing, we hear figures of R$ 2,899 for the GS6 and R$ 3,999 for the Double Edge. Now we’re used to seeing high prices in Brazil, so it wouldn’t do much good to present those as straight-to-dollars conversions (which would be north of $1000, if you’re curious), but it’s interesting to look at them in a relative sense. For instance, the GS5 launched in Brazil for just R$ 2,599 – but we don’t know if that increase might be solely for Brazil, or could extend to other nations.

We can also look at the relationship between the GS6 and Edge, with these figures putting the latter at a 38 percent premium over the flat-screened version. Again, we can’t say if that trend will necessarily carry into other markets, but it could suggest an even larger price gap between these two models than we saw with the Note 4 and Note Edge.

Source: Tecmundo
Thanks: Nicolas

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