Samsung’s second-gen Edge design is here, with yesterday’s launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge. If the Note Edge was testing the waters, the Galaxy S6 Edge is Samsung’s way of jumping right in, cannonball-style. And while these are both flagship devices with over-the-edge displays, they’re quite different in how they go about it, from the degree of the curve itself, to the pair of curved edges on the new GS6 Edge. At MWC 2015, we decided to see just how this year’s Edge compares to last years, putting the Galaxy S6 Edge head-to-head against the Galaxy Note Edge.

Are the Galaxy S6 Edge’s refined design and super-slim look worth the trade-offs of no removable battery nor expandable storage? And while the GS6 Edge’s shallower curves may be quite eye-catching, do they allow you to get anywhere near as much done as you could manage with all the extra screen real estate the Note Edge’s curve afforded?

Samsung’s first two Edge designs end up being very different phones, despite their shared technology. Come with us as we take a look at just where they differ, as well as their shared commonality.

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