This is part 3,912 of our series, “Phones on Fire,” where we talk about how phones catch on fire. The fact of the matter is that things explode sometimes — but how it happens is what makes these stories worth mentioning.

Take one person who went to Android Headlines to tell their story of a phone on fire: they bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ fresh from Sprint. During a charge cycle, — using the power adapter and cable out of the box — the user noticed that the S6 edge+ was getting a little too warm, so they disconnected the juice and set the phone back on the same bed that it was on. Both the phone and some bedding got charred.

The story can’t be confirmed detail for detail, so pinpointing whether there was an issue with the hardware in the first place and where it came from is nigh impossible at this point. At least it’s not cause for a widespread recall. Sprint and Samsung have not responded to the user’s communications.

Maybe it’s beds, not just pillows, that are just total dead zones for charging smartphones.

Source: Android Headlines
Via: SamMobile

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