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Possible Galaxy S6 schematics suggest Samsung’s slimming the phone down

By Stephen Schenck January 30, 2015, 12:44 pm

One of the recent trends surrounding Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors in recent days has been the discovery of numerous images from case manufacturers, attempting to design cases that will be compatible with the upcoming flagship. If we’re to believe that these efforts are based on some advance knowledge of the hardware’s design, there are already details about the GS6 they’ve been able to tell us, like the repositioning of the phone’s flash and hear rate sensor. But now a new find attempts to do all those one better by providing us with the specific figures some of these case makers have been using, describing a handset that’s roughly the same footprint as the Galaxy S5, while slimming things down quite a bit.

The docs in question describe a smartphone that measures 143.52mm x 70.70mm x 7.19mm. That would make the phone a hair taller and a smidge narrower than the GS5, but we’re talking changes on the order of one or two percent. The slightly more substantial difference is with the phone’s thickness, down from the GS5’s 8.1mm, and even thinner than the GS4’s 7.9mm.

Beyond those numbers, we get some further support for the idea that Samsung would reposition the phone’s speaker from the rear-mounted component it’s used in years past; based on the cut-outs we’ve been seeing, it’s likely to find a home along the model’s bottom edge. And once again, the space reserved for the phone’s rear camera appears to suggest that sensor/flash relocation.

On the spectrum of sources, case-maker data still isn’t the most reliable thing in the world, so we’ll be keeping on the lookout for some better confirmation.

Source: Nowhereelse.fr (Google Translate)
Via: GSM Arena

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