We’ve heard a ton of rumors regarding Samsung’s “Project Zero.” We know the Korean giant is planning to build the Galaxy S6 from scratch, and in that manner, we’ve heard a ton of rumors regarding different variants, and even some Galaxy Note Edge-like design changes. Some of these rumors even claim that we should expect the device to launch in early 2015, and today we get a new heads up from a very credible source.

A couple of threads on Reddit have been populated with some Galaxy S6 rumors, and these come from the same source that the Samsung Lollipop update plans, which have actually become a reality to some extent. Today the source shares details on the fact that “Project Zero” is a reality, and that Samsung is experimenting with a couple of wild prototypes of the Galaxy S6. One of the prototypes sports a single curved edge like the Galaxy Note Edge, and another prototype sports two curved edges. One thing the source clarifies, is that it’s very common for Samsung to build various prototypes, like at the time of the launch of the Galaxy S5, where prototypes of different sizes were tested.

When it comes to performance, the source claims that even though the benchmarks are superior to the existing model, these aren’t earth shattering. What’s important though is that responsiveness has improved dramatically, and memory consumption has become much more efficient. The report goes as far as to mention that Samsung won’t focus much on specs this time, but in the overall design and experience of the Galaxy S6.

Let’s see how early we can start talking about something official, even though the source does mention April. That said, the launch could be set for April, with an announcement at either CES or MWC.

Source: Reddit 1, 2
Via: BGR

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