In the months leading up to Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, we fielded dozens and dozens of rumors, covering everything from the design of these handsets, to the silicon powering them, to the software they’d run. And on that latter point we were told to expect some significant changes from TouchWiz, as Samsung pared down its custom UI to help distance itself from a reputation as a laggy, bloated add-on. One of the ways we heard Samsung could accomplish this is by changing the way pre-loaded apps were installed, no longer forcing quite so many down the user’s throat. Now as early phones make their way out to the hands of testers we’re getting some new reports on the full extent of what we’re dealing with, and besides shipping these phones with fewer pre-loaded titles, Samsung’s also making it a breeze to remove many of those that are there by default.

From Samsung’s own S-titles, to Google’s core apps, and even some Microsoft offerings like Skype, a large swath of pre-loaded software can be selectively removed by the user.

To be fair, we don’t have quite the full story just yet – the source behind these shots doesn’t clarify which programs can be full-on deleted and which are only just disabled (but retained in device memory – an important distinction). Still, it’s a promising start, and we’ll be curious to look into this further as we get our own hands on a GS6 for a full review.

Beyond this insight into app removal we also find out how much free space the GS6 should ship with, with the 64GB GS6 Edge arriving with 54.3GB remaining.

Source: Jeshter2000 (XDA-Developers forum)
Via: SamMobile

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