Galaxy S6 Active vs Galaxy S6: more than just a little rubber (Video)

Another year, another Galaxy S-vs-Galaxy Active comparison. It all started with the pretty (but leaky) Galaxy S 4 Active in 2013, followed by the much less pretty (but no less leaky) Galaxy S5 Active last year. For 2015, Samsung has let up somewhat on the ugly stick while adding even more durability, resulting in a phone that we called “the most sensible Active yet” after just 24 hours with the device.

How much more durability are we talking about? Well, the S6 Active is rated to IP68 for complete protection against dust, and it will also function underwater at greater depths than previous Active smartphones (about 1.5 meters) without requiring the cumbersome flaps that previous rugged Samsungs required. On top of that it comes packing a MIL-STD 810G certification for vibration, humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature extremes and shock resistance when dropped from a height of four feet or less. How does the standard Galaxy S6 fare under the same conditions? We have no idea, and we’re not keen on sacrificing our own device to find out. Suffice it to say that the S6 Active is –by far– the more durable of these two phones.

But durability is only part of the story. From thickness and mass to feel in hand to button placement to battery size, there’s an awful lot that sets the S6 Active apart from its glass-covered sibling, and we do our best to cover it all in the below video. Join us for Galaxy S6 Active vs S6, and stay tuned for our full Galaxy S6 Active review coming next week!

Galaxy S6 Active vs S6

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