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Yes, the new Galaxy S6 Active totally supports both Qi and PMA wireless charging

By Stephen Schenck June 18, 2015, 5:20 pm

Wireless smartphone charging has sure taken its sweet time entering the mainstream, lacking a lot of support from both manufacturers and carriers, but little by little, it’s been getting there. This year has easily been one of the most high profile for the technology, with support for the feature not just baked in to flagship devices like the Galaxy S6, but also receiving a lot more support on the charger side, like with what IKEA’s doing with embedded chargers in furniture. But even with these advancements, confusion still remains, and that’s no more true than with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.

Just like on the Galaxy S6 itself, the new Galaxy S6 Active supports wireless charging. And just like its namesake, the GS6 Active will work with either of the two most popular charging standards out there, Qi and PMA.

Problem is, we’ve noticed a couple popular smartphone sites getting their wires crossed about the GS6 Active’s wireless charging capabilities. We’re not going to name names, but more than one site has claimed that unlike the GS6 proper, the GS6 Active only supports Qi, and not PMA (Powermat).

While we’re normally a Qi crew, we wanted to verify just what was going on here, so we took our GS6 Active over to a local Starbucks, where you can find embedded PMA chargers in the tables. And sure enough, the GS6 Active charges there via PMA, no problemo.

So don’t be confused about any conflicting reports here: the Galaxy S6 Active is very much dual-mode wireless charging compatible.


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