Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Video)

It’s the question every buyer with a limited budget or a frugal sensibility asks when a new flagship smartphone lands: do I need the new one, or can I save some dough by buying last year’s model? Thanks to our annual-upgrade culture here in the States, the question is asked millions of times a month each spring season, mimicking the clockwork of the smartphone release cycle.

But though the dilemma isn’t a new one, the devices are: “Galaxy S5 vs S4” is just as crucial as “Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8” – a comparison we already bestowed upon you a few days back.  In fact, thanks to the manufacturer’s mammoth marketing machine, it’s the Samsung-on-Samsung battle which will be most useful to consumers over the next few weeks as the S5 sidles up to its progenitor on store shelves across the world.

It’s not just improvements the S5 brings to the table, though; Samsung’s been forced to make a few sacrifices to deliver the kind of “modern glam” it’s advertising for 2014, and they’re not going to go over well with everyone. On the other hand, fitness buffs and rugged outdoorsfolk might well fall straight in love with the new offering – and those who worship features above all else will feel right at home once again. So click on through to the video below and see just what’s better (and worse) about Samsung’s new Android flagship, then stay tuned for our full review coming later in the week!

Galaxy S5 vs S4

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