Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Nokia Lumia Icon (Video)

One of the hallmarks of our review process is the comparison video, and one of our favorite comparisons to make is the cross-platform faceoff. That’s especially true when the two competitors are powered by Android and Windows Phone: there are so many disparities to cover, so many philosophical differences to delve into, that it can be a bit daunting – but the payoff, whatever it is, is usually worth it.

In today’s comparison, that satisfaction comes in the form of surprise. Because the Icon, like most Nokia Lumia devices, is built largely to support its camera, we expected the Verizon Wireless exclusive to blow away Samsung’s new flagship: surely the ISOCELL sensor that we took issue with in our full review couldn’t hold up to the brunt of a PureView assault. Turns out, that’s not what happened in a side-by-side comparison … and it’s not the only surprise we ran into, either.

See what surprises you. Click on through to our Galaxy S5 vs Lumia Icon comparison (which handily doubles as a Galaxy S5 vs Lumia 930 comparison, if you cross your eyes a bit), then drop us a line in the comments letting us know which one you’d buy if given the chance – or which one you bought if you’ve already pulled the trigger on your 2014 flagship purchase. Finally, hop on over to our S5 vs S4 comparison, our S5 vs HTC One shootout, or our full review of both the Galaxy S5 and the Lumia Icon to learn everything you can about these stellar smartphones.


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