The rage was palpable in comment sections across the internet when Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 LTE-A (a.k.a. “Galaxy S5 Prime”) a mere two months after releasing the “stock” Galaxy S5. Despite the fact that the company had pulled a similar move with 2013’s Galaxy S 4, folks were incensed: how dare the company release a Quad-HD, Snapdragon 805-powered upgrade so soon, effectively rendering its 2014 flagship outdated just eight weeks after release?

The answer to that question is known only to the glam gods at Samsung, so we sought out the answer to a different question with our Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S5 Prime comparison: how much of that anger is justified? And if you bought a Galaxy S5 between April and now, how tempted should you be by the so-called “Prime” model (F-type interlopers notwithstanding)?

Join us as we put some of your fears to rest (while possibly stoking some others) in our latest comparison. Then stay tuned for our video review, coming later in the week. If in the meantime you decide the Galaxy S5 LTE-A is exactly the phone for you, do what we did: turn to the folks at 28Mobile to get the paperwork started on shipping your very own “Galaxy S5 Prime” to your door today!

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S5 Prime

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