Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport review: running on empty (Video)

There was a time, here in the States, when each wireless carrier boasted its own variant of almost every flagship Android smartphone. Verizon had its DROID line, Sprint pushed the Evo series, AT&T thought up names like “Galaxy S II Skyrocket” and the pre-Legere T-Mobile USA … well, it basically took whatever manufacturers decided to give it. This was the time of ridiculous customization for customization’s sake, of top-tier devices segregated by features and design at the fickle whim of carriers, of ridiculous brand names like the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. Those were dark times, ones we thought we’d escaped with the essentially uniform rollout of devices like the HTC One M8 and Galaxy S III.


Meet the Galaxy S5 Sport: a hulking, rubberized take on Samsung’s 2014 flagship smartphone made exclusively for Sprint and aimed squarely at the fitness buff that (ostensibly) lives in all of us. Many commenters have equated it with AT&T’s leaky hambeast –the Galaxy S5 Active we reviewed in June– but the Sport doesn’t even bring that much customization: there’s no mil-spec ruggedization here, just a clunky casing and a lot of carrier bloat that mainly serves to make you feel bad for diddling around on your smartphone when you could be exercising!

Can a duo of gratis memberships to MapMyFitness and Spotify and some fancy casing colors save the Galaxy S5 Sport from itself? Is this new device worth the added Benjamin that Sprint’s asking over the stock S5 (with a two-year agreement)? How many Galaxy S5s does the world really need? Those questions and more answered below, in our Galaxy S5 Sport review video!

Galaxy S5 Sport Review

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