Did you pick up a new smartphone in 2014? If so, the odds are the good that you might have at least considered – if not ended up purchasing – a handset that offered protection against the elements. Whether that meant something like a Sony Xperia Z3 or a Samsung Galaxy S5, more flagship models than we’ve ever seen before hit the market this year offering varying degrees of waterproofing. And that’s a great feature to highlight when you’ve got shoppers still putting together their plans for summer, full of trips to the beach or the lake, but how do you make waterproofing resonate with consumers when we’re in the early days of winter? Samsung thinks it has the answer, and this season it’s put together a new video highlighting the degree to which the GS5 is snow-resistant.

We’ll admit: even appreciating the degree to which phones like the Galaxy S5 keep their electronics safe from moisture, the idea of wet + cold has us a little nervous. Nevertheless, Samsung is going after this idea with gusto, and puts together a snowman with embedded GS5 handsets acting as video screens to help bring the creation to life. It even (half-seriously?) suggests you try such a feat yourself, linking to the videos you can use you animate your own smartphone-powered snowman.

While this may be a bit of lighthearted seasonal fun, Samsung’s got a point: it’s easy to forget that the waterproofing on our phones protects them not just from the occasional liquid splash, but also the melty sogginess that snow brings into the mix. Even if that means something more along the lines of keeping your phone safe while you’re out shoveling through ankle-deep slush (rather than having some fun making snowmen), a waterproof phone has your back this season.

Source: Samsung (YouTube)
Via: Phandroid

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