No matter how much Samsung denies it, it seems the leaks for a Galaxy S5 “Prime” are not about to subside. The latest one comes in video form, as the folks at TK Tech News have allegedly received a pre-production unit of the device in gold.

The device shown on camera is said to have a 2K display, lining up with previous rumors, of about the same size as the existing Galaxy S5. What’s confusing is the fact that the device seems to have more of a water-resistant seal than the S5 — could this be the Active, instead?

In terms of color options, it seems gold will be one of them. The device’s aluminum back has a similar color to one we saw in a previous alleged backplate leak, though this one doesn’t don the Samsung logo like the last one.

While we have no way of knowing whether this is real, this is easily the largest leak yet of this possibly upcoming Galaxy S5 Prime. The source notes that he will be doing a full comparison of the unit to the actual Galaxy S5, so you may want to keep an eye out on his channel for more.

Source: TK TECH NEWS (YouTube)

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