Already a (slightly) cheaper Galaxy S5 variant in the works?

One of the biggest unanswered questions we find ourselves left with following Samsung’s Galaxy S5 launch last month has been what we should make of all those quite persistent rumors talking about Samsung releasing two versions of the phone. Maybe they were talking about a plastic and a metal handset, or a 1080p screen versus a quad HD panel, but this idea of dual GS5s was one that really felt like it had some legs. Except when the phone ultimately launched, we found ourselves looking at a single Galaxy S5. Had we been misled? Our answer may still be waiting for us, and some import logs may just reveal the form it will take, describing a slightly less expensive Samsung handset that could be related to the GS5.

Once again, we turn to India’s Zauba database. For a while now we’ve been seeing mention of SM-G900-series models – that’s the Galaxy S5. Zauba lists the declared values for these imports, and while the figure shifts around a little for the SM-G900, depending a number of factors, it’s often been right around what works out to $542.

But now there’s a new kid in town, model SM-G800, and while we don’t have much at all on it just yet, we do get a price, and it comes in at about $520.

That’s not a big price cut at all, and to be fair we have seen a couple isolated cases in the price listings for those SM-G900 models where they hit the same level. That has us uncertain as to just what we’re seeing here. The price is high enough that the phone could still be a flagship, but maybe a slightly (and we mean slightly) toned-down version of the GS5 proper? The idea of a Galaxy S5 Neo has certainly been suggested. We’ve been unable to pull together a UAProf for the model or anything else that might provide some insight, so it’s going to have to remain a mystery for the moment.

Source: Zauba
Via: phoneArena

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